Curriculum Vitae

  • Contact

        My e-mail address: pasa (at) or giorgio.metta (at)

  • Studies

        Ph.D. started on November 1996, ended February 2000 at the University of Genoa.

Thesis title: Babybot: a study on sensorimotor development.

        MS Degree "magna cum laude" in Electronic Engineering completed in 1994 at the University of Genoa.

Thesis title: Visual servoing of a robot manipulator. The thesis was recognized by the defense committee worth to be published (part of the work was eventually published in 1996).

        You can find some videoclips related to my degree thesis in the LIRA- Lab website.

  • Research

Since 1991, I have been within the Lira Lab (University of Genova) studying (as master and Ph.D. student) under the supervision of Prof. Giulio Sandini. I worked on image processing and motion analysis; in particular with the aim of using motion cues to control a robot arm during manipulation tasks (i.e. reaching). My degree thesis has been developed in this context.

I visited for a short period the Grasp Lab (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) and University of Leeds (UK) where I worked on visual tracking and motion analysis from image sequences.

(I did the one-year compulsory military service between 1995 and 1996).

Since 1996 I've been working on a humanoid robot from a biologically motivated perspective, with the ultimate goal of modeling biological agents by building complex artificial systems.

On February 2001 I moved to MIT, AI-Lab where I started working on the modeling of the development of "mirror neurons": that is how a mirror representation can be acquired by an autonomous agent. These include man-machine interaction, imitation learning, and gesture-language development (in some long- term perspective).

I'm back to Genoa and now director of the iCub Facility at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Professor of Cognitive Robotics at the University of Plymouth (UK). I'm still after the construction of beautiful humanoid robots with a sort of a spark of intelligence (

  • Publications

        Please, follow this link.