Now, this is the whole story. Once upon a time, in 1989, a friend of mine commented on the fact I was sporting a black leather jacket and boots. He said: "you're like those guys of that pop band... how are they called, yeah, Pasadenas". Uhm, I thought, who the hell are they? As you know, nicknames are like super-glue (hard to remove)... all my friends suddenly started calling me Pasadenas... which after a while became Pasa. It turns out that Pasa is a great account name (short, easy to type and remember) and that's why I started using it in all my computer accounts. The whole story would tell also that at a given point this account was shared by me and my thesis colleague but once he left the university I took possession of all the "computer land" for myself and the accounts thereof.

BTW: pasa is not a last name, so if you're looking for some of your relatives, that's not me for sure.

Indeed my black leather jacked looked quite similar to these!